Seething Spark. Is this a super blue spell?

I noticed this just because I was playing a lot with Kaiju these days (charge-discharging SS).

I noticed that Blue mage prevents/disable discharging Seething Spark . Shouldn’t it revert the status to released state (not charging state) and prevent charging SS ?

Is this a glitch, or intended action
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It happens with my chimerak also. I guess it’s a glitch, cz there’s another one where the SS 1st cast won’t be canceled by a blue mage.

You’re right on this one :wink:

I noticed it depends on how long you hade state 1. If I set it and no blue towers for a couple islands the blue mage won’t cancel it. But if I set it just before island with blue mage it’s canceled


Its bugged like most other spells. If you cast its 3 times quickly like at start of base, it will never wear off. Blue mages or not.


As a side note, I want this spell on another hunter!!! Long live Lochsvur!!!

This. I noticed exactly the same.

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