Seige Engine Conversion


Can PG look at giving us the ability to convert unwanted seige engines?
For example: As the latest KOTH ended I had 200+ Rare Siege Engines and used less than 50 during event. I will never use the 200 and with the current drop rate that number vs use will continue to grow. What I am asking for is a way to convert those Rares into legendary or another type. An example: button to convert 100 rare into 1 Legendary. I know several if not all of my team mates have the same issue. Just h8 seeing a resource sitting there with no viable use.


Save your bronze chests for another event instead of opening them during KOTH. Problem solved :exploding_head:


Hmmm, I wouldn’t mind being able to convert them into epics either, they’re always harder to come by for me.


Some people have tons of IF and no energy packs! What should they do then?
This game takes so much patience…:man_shrugging:


I would be fine if we could convert these. Like 100 rare = 1 legendary; 10 epics = 1 legendary; 10 rares = 10 epics and so on. PG will never do anything like this though :wink:

As mech said, open your chests during a different event.


Okay…and I have none of either…relevant how? Converting wont happen, but hurts nobody to suggest and admit it would be convenient. Open during a different event to avoid overpopulated items, got it, so everyone that tantrums over Black Pearls and shards during fort should stop wasting their chests there :exploding_head:, not. Fact is, some need the potions and boosts during pvp, and the egg token drop rate doesn’t hurt either :man_shrugging:t2: .


Well, imo converting siege weapons could lead to players asking for other conversions like some 10k lumber for single black pearl, shards or elemental embers as we don’t have enough stock at low level.
It will create unnecessary complications.
And this is just my opinion.
Btw i observed unlimited rare siege drop and saved up 300 bronze chests while i couldn’t ever get past 50 chest prior to this KoTH.
I learned patience through this KoTH :joy:


Nobody is saying that :man_shrugging:t2:. No need to prepare for a slippery slope situation. It’d be nice, but I don’t really care. More just not crucifying a dude for suggesting an opinion. Fully prepared to see nothing come of this :joy:. It all sounds more in-line with that trade store that never seemed to materialize.


I only open chests during Energy events but seems opening chests during non KOTH energy events would be best atm to ensure greatest resource advantage. Thanks for the advice but does not fix the Rare Siege issue. I suggest conversion of 1 item to another of the same type (rare seige to epic or legendary) and not converting 1 item for a non like item (ie energy chests for IF). I don’t think there is another compatible conversion in game but I might be wrong.
Could be as simple as adding another button that only appears during Seige Engine events.


It does fix the rare issue. If you have too many of them then you are set for the next 4 KOTH events!! Congrats open a few gold chests to keeep your legendary and epic supply up and save bronze for important events like breeding :wink:


Instead of salvaging said sieges the drop rate needs to change i too had way to many rare seige weapons on a side note maybe instead of trading for epics or… maybe have a chance to use say 20 to convert from 10% to 25% that way giving the dragon lord more control over the points they earn…


“Tapping Swiping Draging my way to the top one base at a time”


More like 100 rare = 1 epic and 10 epics = 1 legendary.

My problem is I have too many rares and legendaries and not enough epics! I wouldn’t mind converting 1 legendary into 10 epics.


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