Seiger quitting at 70 percent

You shouldn’t be able to quit at 70 percent while countering a seiger and seiger can’t quit at 70 percent on another prim.

Even with the latest debuff, thingy, I think seiger is still underused alot.

It’s only used at castle defenses for countering and not for seiging enemy castle which I think is it’s intended purpose.

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What is this all about again? Seems like complaining about fast hits in atlas besides if you do that then your ruining your troop amounts.

I agree with you. I intentionally use Destroyer when I am sniping. This prevents most of the early quitting lol as well as the use of trappers countering.


I disagree about them being underused, I see them all the time. The problem with them is the whole SpeedIs#1 concept. If you don’t have a long base of maxed towers then it can be difficult to use a sieger over a destroyer. But siegers are supposed to be the riskier option. People mostly use them for sniping with 3k troops or so to widdle down troops

Unfortunately with atlas there is a lot of stuff that wasn’t intended but still exists anyway as the norm. The atlas we have is so broken it is never going to get any better. I’ve lost all interest in it and only do enough to claim the lines as a necessary evil


Some people even quit the counter at 50%

I know it sounds unproductive but net troop loss for your team overall when considering both fights is still slightly better than letting the seigers 70% hit go through.

I don’t really use sieger anymore unless its a raid and there is a taunter protecting it.

With G1 destroyers getting +4 attack and +4 defence each level its hard to justify using a sieger with a low +2 per level and knowing how hard you will be smacked on a counter.

With the Gold meta I feel like it broke atlas. S2 prims felt like paper / scissors / rock.

Now in G1 Destroyers are the only choice for every combat role.


I have used my seiger in countering more than, actually attacking castles, and I’ve seen most people do the same… I have not seen alot of them attacking castles, maybe one or two seigers out of 20 destroyers attacking castles

Lol I think with g2 destroyer comes out, seiger as a whole will be forgotten ha


Because unless you have a huge base, it’s not usually wise to load up a sieger like people do with destroyers. If you load a seiger it’s probably going to get swarmed and you’d have high troop losses for little glory. Like I said, siegers are often used for sniping and you really need to be flying a fast dragon like Quilith. Again, siegers are the riskier option but I see diamond teams using them all the time


If there is one damn thing we absolutely never need it is for the G2 primes to get unlocked.


Not going to read all this so im sorry if im repeating someone. Seigers have better ATK stats because there is more risk using them with early quits and lots of troop loss. That’s the whole point.


Thats what I’m saying the early quits shouldn’t be possible on seigers, if you are using a seiger, the person countering you, can’t quit battle unless it’s 100 percent

The risk is even more because counters quit at 50-70 percent.

When people early quit they are sacrificing troops AND their revives. And it gives defender better glory. I think it’s a pretty fair trade off tbh

Is it annoying when people early quit when I use a seiger? Fck yeah. But it’s a risk that I’m willing to take when im getting 2+ kdr usually


It doesn’t give that much glory, if the countering prim used was a seiger too lol

Seiger v Seiger you’re getting more glory if they early quit because they lose more troops. It’s not much but it’s proportional

Then you’re getting a lot of defense glory sub-70 and 90% revives.

But that’s the point, you accept that risk when you use one. If there was little risk to using a sieger then there would be no point in having destroyers. I also do not like the idea of what your opponent is using to determine how you’re allowed to fly. They chose to use a sieger so they accept the risks. And like Monopoly said, there are costs to that early quitting

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Feeling like I’m losing brain cells why are we treating prims like dragons now? Seigers are not underused that’s an understatement. Now that I think about it there is no way to use them in defense but there still pretty useful for raids, seiges, and snipings so what do your really expect from a Seiger? It to be like the destroyer or just a pawn to counter attacks?

That almost sounds like its intended working…


True - I guess for me back when S2 was the top tier then seigers were great for efficiency.

Destroyers feel efficient enough. But maybe that is working as intended and siegers are more for debuffing.

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Well in my view siegers are mainly for sieges. Like you described, organized attacks with taunter cover to protect the weak spot of their defense. They also work fine for counter-sniping defense, again under the cover of taunters.

They used to get used for sniping a lot, because destroyers had very low attack power compared to trapper defense, but that balance has shifted a little with gold tier to m ake destroyers more usable.