Selective Defenders?

So I was just attacked in our current war and when I clicked the banner to defend myself it gave me one of those “we’re currently updating (something) but you can revenge” banners. So I shrugged my shoulders and went to do my own war run, only to find 2 defenders waiting on me.

So of course I went to check the App Store, no new updates waiting there so I’m all up to date.

What gives? If wars are broken then they should have been canceled and disabled.


Sorry for your frustrations.
This is related to Unable to attack/ defend atlas attacks and pg says they are working on it.

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Not sure it’s the same issue at all. And a friend said they were having issues in her D2 team last night with no banners at all.

Already a thread on this. It’s cause the internal update is screwing with peoples versions and therefore joins/defends.

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We can continue the discussion in the thread that @MistressKitKat has linked for us.

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