Self-Designed Portraits

I think it would be really cool for us, the player base, to have the ability to create our own portraits, customize the colors and stuff, and modify shapes and figures. PG can continue to add portraits to season branches, but I just thought this would be a great addition for those who are tired of using the same portraits, constantly switching them around, quickly becoming dissatisfied with their current one, and continuing on in a tedious process.

I already know the main question that will come at me, so I have already come up with a solution. You all, the readers, may or may not have thought “this is a very bad idea because people would take full advantage of this feature and create explicit content for their portrait”.

My Solution is that PG implements a sort of monitor system that watches for that explicit content and/or imagery, and disallows them to use it as their portrait, giving them a message to “try again”. This message only shows about 3-5 times before the Portrait Creation feature goes “on cooldown”, and they cannot enter the creation screen until cooldown is over. If the behavior continues to happen, the feature closes completely and the user cannot use the feature for, say, a month. After a given amount of warnings, even after the complete closing, the feature disappears from the user’s account forever.


I don’t know, I’ve been in LINE and some of the avatars people use there are pretty lame. :joy:

I kind of like being restricted to dragon stuff. Keeps the game “On topic”.


Given the nature of humanity in general, I seriously doubt that there wouldn’t be at least one person who wouldn’t try to make their ‘custom portrait’ into something that was obscene and completely not safe for work (not to mention not safe for the fact that this game has an 13+ age rating and children play this game).

That’s a lot of extra work to go through and approve each and every portrait just because some people would totally choose something obscene.

Edit: you did mention the fact there’d need to be approval first. But that’s still a lot of extra work. You’d either have to program a very complicated AI system to reject stuff, or force support staff to view portraits for approval (and they already have enough work, especially when they get slammed when the game happens to break).


I think that would be awesome because I have been using radiant huntress since I started playing :joy:
But what if someone was to upload a ss of an original avatar?
Also PG censors are…off. They don’t always catch explicit things. Or they censor idiot or like crackers


Excuse me!? :rage:


:sweat_smile:ack long story
short version; Someone in tc was talking about crackers and it got censored. Or maybe it was chips?

Well, ‘crackers’ can be used as an offensive racial slur against people of caucasian descent, so I’m not entirely surprised (but it would depend on the context of the situation).

I sincerely hope they didn’t get censored for saying they enjoyed crackers with their soup :sweat_smile: (crackers in cream of broccoli soup is fantastic!)


Don’t make me go Anglo-Saxon on you.


Not really realistic, we’re dealing with a game full of adult children who still think phallic drawings are the pinnacle of humor. :eyes:

Maybe a contest where people could submit portraits and have the best ideas chosen and drawn by the art team though. That would be cool and much easier to monitor.


:joy: they said there were “getting crackers bc I am hungry” and someone asked why it was censored.
Yes cream broccoli soup with crackers is the best lol

Last time the community designed a humanoid we got Oksana. That was pretty cool.


So much no to this. Personal portraits can be used for Social Media, we dont need a bunch of nudes and hentai crap being used. The game portraits are just fine


Yeah but that was also us choosing from a variety of possibilities they had given us. Something totally unique would be interesting.

Okay this really got out of hand. :no_mouth:

I don’t think this is even as good as it seems in the humanity we live in right now because their is very very disturbing stuff that the human brain can do because humanity evolving equals we both get dirtier yet dirtier but another but means another thing I’m not bringing up. We could suggest we draw some stuff that is appropriate for pg to improve on and make that into a portrait.

Plus I think the internet made these people who they are now. Imo though and different view points as well


Yeah but how long would that twitch stream be. :joy:


I was thinking more of a written submission with some sketches maybe to give the art team an idea. But then with the way some people write that could be equally painful. :joy:

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More dragon portraits definitely I would like another portrait that looks like that Estrill portrait years ago I wasn’t around during that time but their was portraits with dragon armor like the first atlas portrait of a dude wearing Kelsis armor


Well, even if people did not create illicit avatars and everyone was clean (yeah right). I still think its a bad idea. Purely because, any new portraits would be pointless in dragon lines. I mean would anyone choose a dragon portrait over one they created themselves?

So, yes its a good idea to give more freedom of expression.

But no because it would make anything the art team brought out redundant and could cost jobs.


Just wanted to say happy birthday lol


Are you saying PG should bring back the Great Contest :eyes: