Self-Designed Portraits

But for everyone and not just the biggest spenders.

Ah, nevermind, it would never happen.

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Is this Portrait generator stuff? Or freshly drawn portrait?

The former will still boring for small amount of adjustment (no real difference with current methods, except extra copies for portrait), and the latter will be impossible to censor.


From what I know Oksana was created by the community during a live stream on Twich. But I personally disagree that any player could create a portrait and send it to PGs for confirmation. Everyone has different tastes, a portrait can be offensive to someone but beautiful to someone else. And even if that’s okay, I don’t think PGs would have the time to look at all the portraits.


That’s a fair point there.

This game is PG 13 not 17+ ratings for portraits and it’s more about burning down bases with dragons


I was thinking more like a virtual place where we can use our fingers to draw or to move shapes around (for those who can’t draw). Either that, or somewhere we can put a picture, it scans, and makes a portrait similar to that picture.

People could draw shapes which wouldn’t be that creative unless it’s a structure detail that’ll take hours on end to complete it’ll be twice the waste of time for most people and PG could lose profits this way PG’s art team worked hard on the portraits we’ve seen for years either based on the dragons theme or dragons themselves like the Necryx portrait

Pg has said they will be adding more portraits and ones with a wider diversity
Hopefully the addition of some basic portraits available to all players would help?

My suggestion would be for us to gather some inspiration for this ongoing Initiative
To often lately we are being informed last min of coming content and really I think the community would appreciate being included more at earlier stages of content development prior to release instead of last minute feedback being sought when the community is quite willing to engage and point out the obvious!

To me this is the community seeking to contribute and add depth to the game and a opportunity for pg to improve player base morale by using some of our feedback!

I’d be interested to see what the community wants and would love to see some of it actually make it in game.:sunglasses:

I like the idea of more personalized portraits. I also like that there is some control in the quality - that there isn’t explicit content; keeps a level of tastefulness in the community.

To get the best of both worlds, what PG could do is create an avatar-like portrait that allows users to select from skin tones, hair colors, hair styles and clothes. There will be no nude option. All skin tones and basic hair colors are available but to unlock varying hair style options and clothes, requires feats or, heck, money. It’s a cosmetic, go ahead and cash it in, PG - it’s not gonna mess with the game balance anyway.


I believe the issue with avatars and such is that the copywrite issues come into play. That being said …
#eqavatar4starr please :joy:


This is an excellent idea honestly! Not sure how that impacts copywrite but would be interested in the response. I know many who are obsessed about portraits!

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I saw that, and that was more geared towards racial matters, giving us the ability to change the race of the portrait… if I’m explaining it correctly (I did see it the moment it was announced)

That’s a pretty solid idea as well.

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