Self-destruct a tower

I was thinking of a new defense consumable.

What about a self-destruction spell that allow the defender to kill one of his defense tower (or one of his teammates) while defending a Run.

The defense tower would explode and deal an amount of damages to the attacking dragon nearby. Let’s say 20% of the tower’s hp.

Reasons could be:

  • deal the extra amount of damages needed to kill a dragon
  • kill a tower with an healing or rage mark to prevent the dragon from using it
  • break the entry tower that attacker could use as a rage anchor

Limit it at one per run to avoid abuse.

What do you think of this suggestion ?

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I think that this could have some really unique implications and would be a lot of fun to explore


I would be worried about my teammates blowing up the wrong tower while I’m trying to defend :joy: but it’s an interesting idea.


Gotta be one additional recruitment requirement.

  • Never blow towers / farms up accidentally…

I can think of some interesting applications for this power…

I like that everyone wants to blow stuff up

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  • Infiltrate enemy team
  • DO your war run
  • Muck up defenses by killing towers “accidentally” on kill island
  • ???
  • Profit

I like things that are “outside the box”… this could shake things up nicely :slight_smile:

We are not that dumb

(I think)

On topic: I like the idea!! Probably needs a new interface? Tapping charges the tower.

Like shields/swords, you “drag” the TNT icon (branded ACME of course) to the tower to blow?


I like it, though I don’t know that it needs to be limited to one/run. Risk and reward are proportional. If you blow up a weak tower, you don’t do much damage; blow up a strong one, and you do more damage, but lose a strong tower.

Also, as OP mentioned, it allows the tower to be used as a denial mechanism - get rid of a rage anchor, or a healing/rage mark, or turn a debuffed/disabled tower into a single-shot weapon.

Not to mention that it could actually make things like farms and mills into something more interesting, from a combat perspective.

I feel like that would be way too slow, as the shields/swords have that period where they are in the process of being dropped but haven’t technically dropped yet. If the blow-up thing was visual, I think the flyer could just switch their attention to that tower and take it out before it can explode.

Also, this idea reminded me of this video :joy::

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I’m fairly sure that delay is there to cope with network lag, so whatever new thing we invent will likely need to have a similar activation delay.

Or have it like a supershot but when the actual tower is destroyed by the attacker THEN it explodes. Like a fire flak

I can see it now. Dragon is about to miss a tower to force a second dragon during a war. Defender blows up said tower trying to kill dragon at last second. Now attacker just beat the base solo lol.

I do like the idea and think it would be a fun addition to defending. But the stress level will skyrocket from New players not using it right.