Self-Flags on the Forums

I feel that if someone on the forums deems their own post worthy of a flag, and they flag themselves, it should be automatically hidden. After all, the poster themselves determined that the post was worthy of a flag. It would only make sense that the system helps the poster out.

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Why does timing matter if the post is going to be hidden anyway?

Flags are there to remove undesirable content. If you already know your post is going to be undesirable, simply don’t make it in the first place. Just use a private message.


I swear my posts are sometimes referred to spamming when it’s not flipping spamming according to system flag messages, but sometimes when I think it is worth a flag I double check whether or not I should delete a message whether or not it’s unnecessary or the other way around

What do you mean?

Some people self-flag because their posts are off-topic. You do have a point, though.

You want to create a feature that automatically hides a self flagged post, but a moderator will hide the post when they get the notification if they deem necessary.


That is true.

@moderators this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am flagging myself just for the fun most of the times, there is an option to delete the post you know Jalen? and the post automatically is removed in 24 hr.

Really, let my innocent flags alone :joy:


Closed at OP’s request.