Self imploding base and multi-fireball farm killer

Hi all,

This is the first time I’m posting in the forums and I probably would never if I didn’t feel strongly about a recent attack on my base. I don’t claim to have the best base for my level but I think it is decent enough. Please watch the video from the link below to see how my base self imploded and the best way to clear farms, a string of 8-10 fireballs cast back to back.

Write a ticket to support, report for cheating

I did. Below is what I got in response. Totally didn’t get it so maybe more experienced players can help enlighten me on how whatever is mentioned in the response explains what took place in the video? I’d truly appreciate it since I’m still learning the game.
Hi IIStoneII,

Thanks for getting back to us.

The linked you sent worked and I was able to review the video a couple of time. There are 2 possibilities that caused this issue. The first one being a possible delay in connection and the second one was the usage of the Rebirth Spell (which was used twice and failed on both instances).

Hope this helps. If you ever need any assistance, feel free to contact us again.

Take care and thanks for playing!

Wow, that’s… no, that’s definitely cheating. The rapidfire use of fireball or whatever AoE spell that was is evidence enough, IMO. I doubt this is a simple delay error…

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That’s what I thought too. I’m actually more interested in the part about casting rebirth. How does casting rebirth make it possible to clear farms? Couldn’t wrap my head around that. Anyone have any idea?


I’m not familiar with that spell, so I couldn’t tell ya, sorry :see_no_evil:

Just tried it. It does nothing except take 2 rage.

Edit @pgjared your support team need to stop making assumptions.


What the hell? :joy: Guess Vulcan got jealous of Kelvin!

And why does he keep hitting rebirth with all that health :joy: Guess cheaters don’t really need to be able to play as long as they have the cheats :grimacing:


That’s silly but you wouldn’t believe some of the off the wall shit support replies to me…It’s very obvious they have a job to reply and really have no idea about anytbing in the game.

It looks like the regular sorcerer shots are also casting spell flux with each shot. Notice all towers on the whole long island are losing health with each sorcerer shot. Also, towers under red mage tower are still getting damaged.

Good call there! This is the correct thing to do.

If you feel like the ticket wasn’t handled properly, please ask for it to be escalated and a more senior agent will take a look.

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I hope it was still noted that the rep sort of jumped to conclusions…? It shouldn’t be necessary to have to escalate a thread (edit–err, ticket) because the original agent was incorrect.

It’s probably a trained response. And reopening and escalating support tickets is a pretty normal procedure for many companies, if you feel it wasn’t resolved. This is taking into context that either party could be wrong and need to further explore the matter.

I understand that, but it would be extremely helpful to see improvements within all aspects of support instead of relying on escalating to get a trustworthy reply.


Oh, I’ve noted it as something to talk to the agent about when I’m back in the office. Ideally we should never make mistakes, but there also should be a policy (escalation) for when we do.


I don’t disagree with that, it’s the primary reason I’ve only contacted support once, lol. I have a laundry list of stories of teammates getting different treatment from support. Fortunately, I haven’t had my account break yet, so I don’t have to talk to support very often…


That many fireballs n rebirth is to much rage he hit fireball 5 times n rebirth so ur telling me that each fireball that’s usually 3 rage n rebirth is 2 how the hell does he got that much rage that’s like 17 rage that quick

Divine fireball is 2 rage, but still, yeah…

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Still sooo many if u watch lol that’s a lot of rage 14 bars tha quick nooo way

Thanks for advice. I’ve done as you asked for it to be escalated to a senior agent. Thanks all for the help.

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