Sell/swap or trade

Hey was just thinking that if a sell/swap feature got added to the game or even trade that way you can get rid of items you don’t use often or have to much of you could either sell for something else in-game e.g. rubies or swap for something e.g. swap power ups for a different one or dragon boosts or even swap trade with team mates e.g. they need potions or defense boosts and you need base boosts or something else just an idea :slight_smile:

Lets call it “BLACK MARKET”
And it will be easily get abused especially by hackers.
(Dont get me wrong, I would love to have this kind of feature too)


PG has said (many times) that this would be too much of a security risk. We won’t see this type of feature anytime soon.


“Little Chicago”

Argh ok that sucks i have so many items I dont frequently use enough of and want to be rid of didn’t know you could cheat in-game though

This is War Dragons, not :frowning_face:

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Items as in forge-able items? If so they could add an “break” feature that gives a ruby or some time off of current items being forged.


If Battle.Net had issues with Diablo there is no chance PG can manage it.

Use. The. Search. Bar. Please.
(This is my new responce to these repeat threads I’ve decided)

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There used to be introced a feature to salvage item a long time ago

That’s one problem on why this probably won’t happen any time in the near future.

Agree, hackers and cheaters can abuse this feature and steal… let’s say… a mythic dragon from a player. Then there’ll be a level 5 flying an expert Corthanak against other players.

We have hackers in atlas spending millions of gold for their teams benefit this would only make things worse for the rest of us. I understand the intention behind this and I wholeheartedly agree but if anything can be abused it will definitely be.

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