Selling color ball upgrades


PG could be really smart if they brought some of the color ball upgrades for older dragons that people really like so that they could continue to use them. Yes I know they make money on new dragons but everyone has a favorite dragon and would love to be able to use it every once in a while! I know I would. I was new when Sage came out and didn’t understand that you needed the color balls so I just got all the dragons in the event. After I start upgrading I realized I messed up! Would love to be able to fix that. I really l8ked Sage! So just an idea! I know I’d pay for some generic colored balls/ marbles to upgrade a favorite dragon!


‘Color Balls’ are Evolution Stones.

Many people have requested that evolution stones come back for past Divine Dragons.

Simply put PG don’t want to do it. It takes away from the appeal of the new Divines.


It would also be a killer for older players since a lot of them wear dragons like nightshade as a badge lol. As much as I’d love to get my hands on a nightshade, this is a bad idea


I would absolutely love this… I would love to finish out sage. I don’t have a lot of money to spend but I would definitely spend 10 to 20 dollars per stone to finish sage.


I for one hope they never re release an old divine dragons. However because of how fast dragons become obsolete these days I would support a dragon-less line one season that gives universal divine evolution stones (divine dragons only). That could be fun. It would be fun to see Obsidian, Dima, Lucksvur, Morph and Phas…


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Color balls :joy: love it

I’d kill for them to make Nightshade capable of going to obsidian :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i think i’d Hotwire my credit card to PG for that