Selling un-needed spells or swapping for another spell

I have alot of extra spells that I won’t use and I think it would be a great idea to either be able to sell them off for gems or to be able to swap them for needed/useable spells

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They had that before which was called the salvage shop that was available for some beta testers only. Then they closed it down due to some possible exploit vectors per @PGEggToken’s statement in the old forum


But as the person working on the security for the app, I’ve found that people are using the salvage shop as a cheat vector. I would personally be against releasing it more broadly until it can get a serious security audit & code overhaul.

Here’s the original post on the salvage shop, though the images are gone… because vBulletin :joy:

Oh, i dont have beta. What do you mean by exploit vectors? HOW can they use the salvage shop for cheating? Tnx​:blush::heart:

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