Send all the pet pictures ❤



That’s his couch and his blankets. Every blanket is his blanket :rofl:

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PG please fix things

What a cutie pie!




This is Clement. Clement has to wear silly hats when he as been bad. Clement hates the chicken hat most of all.


Clement and his chicken hat are now mine



And your cat is mine too…

As of now, every pet on here is mine :joy::joy:They’re all so adorable.




She was not a happy camper here…

I would also include a video of her growling at her bone while playing (she gets kind of weird about them for sure). But videos are weird like that…




I can’t. I have two pets, my kids, but I don’t share picture of them lightly online.

And I mean literal human children. They’re 1 and 3. I’ll make the case for them being pets.

They both bark and meow regularly.

They chew on things.

They occasionally piss on things and rarely shit on things.

You have to take them for walks.

If you leave them unattended for too long they will fuck your shit up.



This isn’t the most positive topic on the forums lol



So many sharps.


Shouldn’t you be on holiday?



I love the chicken hat. :chicken:


:rofl: Trying to get rid of him early?