Send all the pet pictures ❤


Had to share sleepy puppy today. This is one of my two golden doodles:


Such an awesome breed. I want one to keep my Ridgeback company. She is always drawn to them at the dog park. Cute picture!


Poppy :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️ She’s a white lab


with the Easter bunny


Love the tongue. :yum:


I would poke the tongue :see_no_evil:


I did!! She was in such a deep slumber she didn’t even pull it back in her mouth.


This is my dog Willow :grin: She gives “hugs” where if you hold her and tell her “give hugs!” she’ll lay her head on your shoulder. We didn’t train her to do this lol, our guests get a kick out of it. She also loves to lick people’s faces, like, obsessively. No one escapes the tongue. No one.

(I posted a picture of her beforebut it was really old lol. This was from yesterday)


Here is Clement in the bed I picked up for him a couple weeks ago.


I die from cuteness overload every time I see this photo. And the teeny tiny tongue sticking out too…it’s just… :sob:


Sparta and his fancy bowtie


Such a fancy lad!


Update, my puppy got big.


Those pictures look so professional and clear :drooling_face:


IPhone 8+!


The side bolster things make me think of cheese stuffed pizza crust :see_no_evil:



I am hungry now :drooling_face:



My puppy is deadly