Send all the pet pictures ❤


I HAVE to share this picture and a little bit of a story behind it. My in-laws were dog sitting for us and our dog is used to having a huge dog bed to sit around in (were bad parents and forgot it) so he stole my nephew’s lounger chair. My nephew gets up from his nap and sees our dog laying in his chair and throws his blanket and sippy cup on the ground and walks away with his hands up in the air like “oh hell naaah”


This is Butterscotch doing an advanced kitty yoga pose. :t_rex:



This is my cat Cocoa, he’s my son, so friendly, and he’s very good at massaging my back and sitting on my face when I’m sleeping. My very own alarm clock that lives, breathes… and unfortunately pees.


Adorable! :heart_eyes_cat: :t_rex:


Your cat looks like a playful one. Mine used to be but then he got really sick and acts like a old man now.
Called him ninja kitty, he’d do a bunch of kungfu moves like he was karate kid, then one day he ate a flower off our plant And it nearly killed him.


HEs okay now, but has changed a lot since then


Oh no :cold_sweat: My cats have lost a but of their spunk too as they age and have gotten into plenty of mishaps… We once couldn’t find Jocelyn and discovered that she had climbed into the refridgerator when we opened it. Venice likes to sit by the door and squeeze past us to escape when we go out. She especially likes to do this when it’s dark outside and we have to run out into the night barefoot to bring her home :joy::persevere: :t_rex:


I usually let my animals roam free if they wish, we live out in the country so it’s not a huge risk besides wolves, my cats know how to take care of them self.
Just a few nights ago, a stray appeared at the door, and in all my years, I’ve never seen my cat get so protective and hostile than then. Thank god the two were separated by my glass patio door, the black cat didn’t really do anything either, just sat and stared at mine like he was taunting him. My cat of course started howling and hissing, sometimes even attacking the poor window… eventually I was forced to grab my cat, put him in my room the chase away the black cat. I would’ve taken it in, I just can’t risk putting it in danger, if it has a disease, I wouldn’t wanna get cocoa sick, and I also wouldn’t want my cat to kill it.
I used to have two cats, boy and girl, but my other disappeared in December and we haven’t seen her since, it’s been hard since she was a big baby, we were so used to waking up with her every morning. I don’t know what happened, I want to know just to put my mind to rest but we haven’t seen her or any sign of her.
A few days after she disappeared, I woke up around 12-1 am, and saw a cat running around our yard in the snow, my family thinks I dreamed it even after showing them the paw prints, around in January it kept happening and then suddenly stopped.


Aw man, I’ve lost a few cats too and it’s quite hard :disappointed_relieved: They’re like our little fur kids, as my mom says. Not many stray cats live around my area, but back in California, we got the occasional rat or raccoon. None of our kitties got aggressive, they were just really curious.
We used to have an outside cat back when we lived in CA. She came by pretty often and though she didn’t like being petted (R.I.P my fingers) she was still sweet. We thought she might’ve been someone else’s cat because she’d sometimes go days without visiting, but one day she just stopped coming by. My childhood self took an emotional blow, but our town was quite rampant with coyotes. Since then, we don’t let any of our pets outside (except the dogs in the backyard). All of our cats are/were strays though and I’m sure they’d like to explore past our front door. If only they liked leashes and my dog’s old harness lol :t_rex:


Haha exactly. I can’t get my cats to wear a collar for an hour.
As soon as it’s on him, he starts walking around like he’s drunk, he gets super mad and loses his balance. He’s so dramatic. Whenever I put a leash on, he’d just lay down and I wouldn’t be able to get him up unless everything was off.
I’ve heard about calif and their coyote problem.
I live in Michigan, up north so we get packs of coyotes, wolves and the occasional curious bear in my backyard, they usually don’t bother us unless we don’t have the tops of our garbage cans completely shut.
Sometimes at night I’ll hear yips and howls of the coyotes, but since I’ve lived like this my whole life, it actually helps me sleep.


Only time I’ve really gotten scratched or attacked by my cats were when I was playing around with them. I don’t think they meant it. Sometimes I will play with my cat, but he’s not too rough all the time.


Bears?!?!? Wow. I’d be scared :rofl: Each of my cats are different about being petted and such. Jocelyn will decide to suddenly hate you at a moment’s notice while Muffin will let you pet him for hours. Cats have such interesting personalities. Some days I wonder what on Earth goes on in their heads, especially when Jo headbutts me awake at 5am. :t_rex:


Exactly. I’m waiting for the day we get those speaking collars. I always imagine my cats cursing me off whenever I give them a bath.
Or them saying in a stewy voice “mommy” whenever I’m getting their food ready :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:rofl: You give your cats baths? :open_mouth: Mine would kill me. :t_rex:


Not all the time, but sometimes we check for flees, easiest way is to wet and part the fur, so we just give em a full on bath and get them all clean. Makes them smell nice XD


Aww lol. We don’t have flea problems too often anymore but we did give our old cat a bath sometimes because he had such long hair. Persians with wet fur are a (slightly scary) sight to behold. :t_rex:


Oh god I can see that. My cat is a long hair as well.


Going through my phone the other day I realized that Sparta is just special in general…

Typical shopping trip present

His first/last indoor walk on his new leash

His first/last outdoor walk on the leash

His carvinal alien toy

But at the end of the day he still loves to cuddle


Beau, Rose and Cheetoh. Rats make amazing pets :slight_smile: so affectionate, and so smart.


I love rats! Always wanted one but everyone else in my life despises them. I have a rabbit though, so, close enough? :rofl: :t_rex: