Send all the pet pictures ❤


Well, Nugget is a special critter :rofl:


Is that a corn snake? I really want one of those! I have guinea pig though, here’s her picture:


He is a corn snake! :grin: Awww, your guinea pig is adorable! What’s her name?


Her names is Aelin. Named after one of my favorite characters from Throne of Glass.


@AndrogynousNyx, OMG I love that series! I’m so eagerly awaiting the next book in October.


My cat looks exactly like yours, the tortie. Her name is Ashley but I call her Wolly :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My girls <3


:hugs::hugs::hugs: I want to squish their faces!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Does she have a very very quiet meow? Ginger does - I’m not sure if it’s a tortie thing or just a Ginger thing, but it’s cute :smile:


SAME! I can’t wait for it to come out!


Aww so adorable!


Yeah she meows all the time and it is a *quiet short mer lol

*edit: typo


Having a lazy day.


I saw this on chive and instantly thought of you.



:rofl: Thank you!!! :grin: :t_rex:


Raptor, they should make you a portrait like that in game. It’ll suit you!


That is my cat and she loves to sit on my PC as you can see :joy:
But unfortunately she was run over by a car last year.


May your cat Rest In Peace. Hopefully she’s enjoying car heaven right now


So much cute!! I have a red Merle Aussie - 8 years old and she’s still got the puppy energy. Even on chemo. For all Aussie owners, check them regularly for any bump or lump. It may save their lives.


He’s at 38kg now :sweat_smile: