Send all the pet pictures ❤


Pretty boy :heart_eyes:


Jacey boy!!!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I want to steal him!!!


Hahaha! Doesn’t he look like he just told a super corny joke and he’s waiting for a response lol


He totally does :joy::joy::joy:


Buy him a bed and this is where he wants to lay :woman_facepalming:


oh my god sooooo cute :heart_eyes:



So pretty!!! Is she a ragdoll breed? :t_rex:


She is! She’s a seal point bicolor


Nothing cuter than an adorable pup in a Santa hat… :heart_eyes:


Here’s my favorite magical creature (sorry, Fomhar):

What is the meaning behind your name?

I want a Llama rider!


Thats so f*cking cute @Tinsir. Maybe I have died of an cuteness overload just right now.


This is Karkat. (If you recognize the name, then we both went through that awful phase in our lives.) He loves to sleep on me whenever I sit down and though he’s quite small, he’s the fiercest warrior and the most playful kitty!
He’s been sick recently and we’ve just had a terrible experience at the veterinarian today. Karkat (aka KK as we call him) hasn’t been his happy bubbly self lately. Please keep him in your thoughts :green_heart: :t_rex:


Pixie - 12 years old.

Puzzle: 4 years old.

Oreo: 3 months old


This is Chester. He’s not technically my dog, but he lives in the same house as I do… so he’s my dog :rofl: He is very afraid of the washing machine and will follow you around everywhere until it turns off. Also, his tongue sticks out. 11/10
Karkat’s doing better today! Here’s him laying on my lap and vehemently refusing to let me get up. :t_rex:


I did not go through that awful phase myself, but I do know of what you speak. :joy: Glad he’s feeling better.


Nugget getting some earlobe action