Send all the pet pictures ❤


But it could be? I posted one of a cat drinking from a beer up nearer the top. I have a dog. He is here too. “Cooper”


Hey, here are more pictures of Willow because she got a bath and also I love her. Behold: Willow with a toy that isn’t really hers but is now hers anyway. :t_rex:


I saw this and thought “It’s a mini Chewbacca!” :joy: (though the coloring isn’t quite right lol)


When this thread started, my Aussie pup was just 4 months old!
He turned one recently so here’s an update on recent photos.

Edit. Can’t leave my babygirl out


That’s not the first time I’ve heard that :rofl: :t_rex:



Our five pounder. Bosses the big dogs and everyone else. About 4 years old.


Nugget wants to help with dinner


Here is Muffin again because he is cute and I love him. His hobbies include eating, bothering the other cats, and yelling at all hours of the day until you give him food or pet him. But now, he is napping. He is on my bed and in my way but that’s okay with me. Rest well, buddy. :t_rex:


Lol, isn’t that all cats though?


Yeah, most of the time :rofl: :t_rex:


Mine likes to be a motor boating hat while I’m sleeping



omg my cat does the same thing to me when I’m doing homework!


Gotta love how helpful cats are by making sure we dont overwork ourselves and take a much needed scratching break


I love it too. One of mine (Karkat) can tell when I’m upset so he jumps on my lap and helps me calm down. I love cats :green_heart: :t_rex:



yo quiero taco bell


This adorable little girl was sprung on me today :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My baby girl :heart_eyes: