Send all the pet pictures ❤


Karkat is sad that I’m not sitting on the bed with him (he always crawls on my lap when I sit down and follows me around if he is displeased with my actions of not sitting.) :t_rex:


Update for my dog who’s cute when he wants to be lol


Those look like Scooby Doo teeth. Lol. Handsome fella.


More of my kitter because we need some cuteness in these trying times.


That doesn’t look like a wolf. :thinking:


She is one in spirit.

If wolves are lazy, dweeby, and a little too hyper-active sometimes anyway. :eyes:


You know it’s cold when kitty crawls under the covers to cuddle


Love the cold <3


awwww your kitty looks so much like mine!! even sleeps the same way!!! xD


Love this thread! So much cuteness :two_hearts:

That’s my pie that was rescued on a highway and adopted by me in July, he was just a little kitten of 2-3 months back then, now that’s a 4 kilo beast being only 6 months old :joy: the mice lord, the terror of flowers, the destroyer of card boxes…

Mission impossible: find a cat


I have 2 cats, both found in the street (supposedly dumped). It’s now 2 healthy of almost 6 kg cats…

Yuki, found him 3 years and 3 months ago. He was between 5 and 8 years old.
He is a real lovebug, always wanting stomach massage and give me kiss while purring like a chainsaw.

Then, last year, in a parking mall calling desperately for his mama. (I did stay enough long time, plus have check few days later, to be sure, but nobody come back for him). He was a small fur ball of few month only, who give me a really hard time to catch him (he was hiding and moving around using the drain pipes)
I wanted to call him Rex but my husband having some difficulty with R sound, we finally settled on Ty, but in fact his paper name is TyRex. That’s because his baby meow was exactly the sound of the T-Rex at the end of the 1rst Jurassic park…
I have teach him to fetch, and sit and wait for get his toy. I can’t eat or drink anything before I let him see what it is and thought he’s not really fond of cuddling, he always welcome me back home, same for 5min…


Oh my goodness, TyRex looks exactly like my fur baby! They’re both so adorable! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Meet Carlo. Majestic.


I think I’m gonna call in to work. Kitty is being too precious this morning :heart:


All these cats look so nice and sweet, honestly I’m not a huge cat fan because all of the ones I’ve met are jerks. Except my best friends cat who thinks he’s a dog.


My day started a little late because Jojo (Jocelyn) decided to take a morning nap on my legs. :t_rex:


My cat thinks he’s a dog, too. We were playing fetch with one of his toys the other day. It was too cute, I wish had gotten a video of it.


Parent’s kitty in the dryer :joy:


Funny my dog thinks shes a cat, she grew up playing with 2 and every time i take her to the dog park, when a new dog comes up to the entrance she will get real low to the ground and wait like she is stalking prey LOL everyone gets a little nervous but i tell em shes just playing


Beautiful dog!