Send all the pet pictures ❤



Wow! Thats basically a zoo!


Lol! I have more :flushed::joy:



@SapphireScar that’s amazing! You have so many pets! :open_mouth:


Thank you!
You’ve got so many animals :hushed:
Was that an iguana or a chameleon in one of the pics?

Edit. Looks like a chameleon, very cool!


:slight_smile: thank you
they are all wonderful
Ps I still have more lolololol


Yes he is a chameleon :hugs:


Wow he is exquisite :hushed: what a range of colors!


Thank you. :heart:
He wasn’t always that pretty

Lol jk handsome all the way :slight_smile:
Thank you for commenting on my pics :cherry_blossom:


Be very careful…

I know it’s a nice cozy warm place but my friend lost his cat this way. Very sad…


In the last one tried to mimic your tatoos??


Nice basically every pet type covered lol


My landlord does not allow me more than 2 cats, but if it was my own home, between my husband and me, I bet it would not be very far from you… :smile:


@TulkasDeBalic hahahaha Hahahaha!


She actually doesn’t get in the dryer while there are clothes in there (wet or dry). She waits until it is empty to hop in. But thank you for the concern :blush:




Cat tetris!


Lol, I was trying to figure out head from tail end on that first one


Glad you didn’t drown in the shower, hooman. Now pet me!