Send all the pet pictures ❤


Elvis, sometimes thinks he’s a duck, sometimes thinks he’s a dog, ocaisionally thinks he’s a parrot.


My precious rescue, Buckeye! He healed my heart when things were very bad. I love him with all that I am. And things are now, very very good!


Meet Tigger.
He likes to sneak up from behind things.


Does he say Afflac?


Gorgeous kitty! :heart_eyes:


a little love for the gols fish please :tropical_fish::blowfish::fish:


:roll_eyes: Gold fish reminds me to



Good afternoon from Muffin!
My room has horrendous lighting, omg… :see_no_evil: :t_rex:


Kitty conquering towel mountain (yes I know I need to do laundry)


Beautiful kitty. :heart_eyes:


A year of Kali <3


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Is there a limit!? I have so many that I could put that would melt hearts.

The pooch is Gizmo, I have a picture of him being Sherrif Sancho.

And the beautiful kitten in distress is Princess Elsa. Not Elsa, Princess Elsa… And she knows her name so you can’t cheat it.


need more heartmelt




Do cats hibernate?


Thanksgiving truce :joy:


Medi (dog) is always eager to teach new ducks about the river


Well, I say Thanksgiving truce, there was a dog barking so they may have decided to band together :laughing:


She never seen anything like these lol she was lookin at me like, “how’d they get so big?”

(Im surprised nobody has said, “oh she sees something like that every day when she looks at you” …was wide open)