Send all the pet pictures ❤


Believe me, I have lots more.
The last one is actually at a coffee shop call Frank & Joe’s Coffee House and they allow dogs. Gizmo, my dog, was actually given a cup with whipped cream and a dog biscuit on top. It’s really cute.
EDIT: it’s the second to last one, they uploaded out of order. Fml


I wonder if people go there for the dogs instead of the coffee :see_no_evil:


Very possible… I love corgis, I didn’t know about them until my first corgi, but now I just don’t want anything but them. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My two dogs Newman and Kira :heart::heart:


PUPPIES!!! There so freaking cute.


She’d have to be looking at their other end…

Kidding (since I don’t know you at all)…



Told Ygritte about all the bad decisions PG has been making. This is her response:


My cat just pointed his butt at me :joy:


Mine is doing that a lot recently, he’s purring, forces me to pet him and then that xD
Is this a weird cat way to say I like you? :joy:


Mine does it after a tirade about PG, so I dunno :woman_shrugging:


Poor kitty, mount towel is no more :cry: