Send all the pet pictures ❤


Poor kitty, mount towel is no more :cry:




If she fits she sits


Play spot the kitty:

Shake the treat box and get a kitty appearance:


Another update on my now 16 month Aussie. He’s so handsome. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That are pretty doggo :dog::dog2:


Got a new puppers, his name is Vader and he’s a black Lab/golden retriever mix, an sort of “designer” breed. He’s about 3 months old. Big boy already :slight_smile:


Here’s a better… less scary picture of him lol


I’m seeing a pretty woman face in the belly fur :joy:

I really need to find pics of my babies! Then I’ll post a few every month or so :blush:


Here’s Juno


New babies just born last week. Momma is a trooper for having triplets. :joy:


pfft, just looks like a goofball, not scary :rofl:



image image image

Mr. Miso, Bella, and Bella with her friend, a 100lb chocolate lab.


Updated pics of Sparta. Caught him trying to sleep. At 3:00pm


Your kitty is absolutely adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is Nala, she’s a beauty :heart_eyes: a little skittish, but she grows used to be petted. She has an unusual hoarse voice compared to my other cats.

This is her brother, Magic. He’s really smart and mischievous and always purring up a storm! When he wakes up, he won’t let you ignore him…

They’re from particulars with several generations of cats, so they’re both very clever and Magic is especially sociable, he likes everyone and every other adult cats in the house… Sometimes a bit too much for my older kitties :grin:

They can even knot :exploding_head:

(I’ll try to get better pics of Magic, but taking pictures of black cats is difficult… It’s like he changes into a black shadow each time I try :sweat_smile:)


Is that why you painted a rainbow on his side / back?



It’s not painted, it’s a real patch of rainbow from light refraction on a mirror on his fur (or whatever light effects makes a rainbow). It makes him look magical :heart_eyes:

I actually chose his name to be able to reply that “Magic exists” to nonbelievers :smirk_cat: but a friend suggested that there’s also black magic and such that I had overlooked :exploding_head: so a well chosen name :blush:


I know, hence the wink.