Send all the pet pictures ❤


I know, another pic, BUT how can you not like him? He wishes he has wings like he sees in game…




Think we are missing a horse in here :grin:


Ahhh, loved pets are such good pets <3 All of your companions are super cute!

Here’s my floofies:

This is Evie. She’s a complete weirdo if you haven’t guessed already. But, she’s a cutie who enjoys shoveling food into her mouth, pawing at your face in the middle of the night, and snuggles that end with her napping on you for hours.

She’s got very tufty toes so she slides around on the wood floors a lot (it’s seriously the best thing ever). She also has some upper respiratory problems, so her appointed nickname is Wheezy. She’s got a lot of love to share.

And this is Pants! She’s definitely the surly one of the two. She’s a tiny cat (barely 6.5 lbs!) that likes to putz around and meow at things that aren’t really there. She LOVES boxes. Doesn’t matter what size box you got; she’s going to sit in it.



love the eyes. Beautiful pups


I hope this will be taken for the humor intended and not seen as non PC. Maybe it’s my sophomoric sense of humor but I laughed my butt off the first time I heard this.


I love it :rofl:



Your kitty looks exactly like mine!! @Khaleesi


Still laugh at the Jared pic. That I should legitimately gonna be my home screen :joy::+1:t2:



Is that a bearded dragon?


If I actually looked like Sam Elliott I’d wear a cowboy hat to work.


My dog sleeps like that too! Lol :joy:


OMG YESSSSSSSS that actually is Jared. And the name totally matches the looks as :joy:


Dude no joke that Is what I guarantee you look like :joy: do you ride a horse to work? And got that revolver thing going on? And is your wife ginger?


Took my dorks out today and I have to say they make the funniest faces.

And then two actual good photos for good measure…

Ps. They have an Instagram. It has more followers than any of my friends’ personal accounts do. :joy:



Yes it is!