Send all the pet pictures ❤


this is O’ogan ( Irish for young man) this guy is my life and always brings a huge smile to my face. He’s a Deerhead Chihuahua btw…


One of many but he keeps me busy enough :sweat_smile:


Everyones pets here are so adorable, but I think I like yours the best :heart_eyes: Australian shepherds?



My fur baby! :heart_eyes: He’s super polite and well behaved (asks to come up on the bed, won’t get his toy off the dresser because he’s not allowed to get things off the dresser, etc.). He answers yes and no questions, which is super helpful lol. He also like to carry a blanket around in his mouth while batting a tennis ball around with his paws like a cat lol.


Australian shepherds! And my red Merle is a mini.


Australian Shepard’s are gorgeous!! (Yours included lol) But I think they may be too high energy for me lol.


Uploads pic of someone on a leash…

/bad gox


Do you mean this literally? Is that why you called yourself bad? Lol I don’t think PG would appreciate a picture of a person on a leash lol. Unless it’s one of those leashes you put on kids in crowded areas. :thinking:


He’s adorable Lima! What kind of dog is he?


This is Mufafa, my little lion. He’s already picking on my older cats and eating their food.


Thanks Athena!! :smile: He’s a border collie/lab/greyhound mix.


None of that please. No humans on leashes. That goes into a realm that we really don’t want to explore on a game forum.


Tuxedo cats are the best! :two_hearts:


What a perfect name :scream::heart_eyes:


Another horse person!



My little dorky dog. With an obligatory puppy picture. :heart_eyes:


no fun… aren’t you supposed to be relaxing on vacation yet? Forget about us trolls




Is his name Barney?