Send all the pet pictures ❤


In that case then shouldn’t if be a lite beer?



Lol on special occasions maybe




This is my Rhodesian Ridgeback “Khaleesi”… Originally bred to hunt @xXxAirForcexXx pet. :grin:


You didn’t show her ridge. :frowning:

Beautiful animal



Had to post the newest addition, poor little soul, life sure is tough :rofl:


Got a new one too :see_no_evil:. Björn





a bald beaver?


Naked mole rat


ah, never seen one. Would get pretty chilly up in the Great White North with me unless I put it in bed with the missus…




The stuff nightmares are made of. :joy:. Nice one.


:heart: brindle :heart:


If the tag is up to date might want to blur it out so nobody can have access to your personal info.


I messaged her


This is longhair, a feral I rescued in that January cold snap. All better now and lots of energy. He used to be someone’s pet: declawed x4 and neutered, already potty trained. Might rename him shadow - hard to see in the dark and follows me around when he isn’t napping. Right eyelid has congenital defect and he’s missing a lot of teeth so leaves his tongue sticking out when he’s happy.


love the tongue.