Send all the pet pictures ❤


Oh my goodness, adorable! Reminds me of my old cat; she had to have one eye taken out and she left her tongue out sometimes too. Lived for 22 years… cats sure are somethin else lol.


Here’s my portfolio manager



:rofl: doesn’t want a bath


LOL, pooor puppy…


There is a face that says “why are you making me do this?”



I’m in love, :heart_eyes: Name?


Bailey - he likes feathers




@forScience you’re a genius for starting this thread.


Love the eyes. Poor hawk or whatever must not be happy.



best thread :tada:


The look my fiancée’s dog gives me when he knows I’m getting dressed to leave :rofl:


Aww :cry: My dog gives me that face when I’m about to leave, too. If we give her a treat to distract her, she’ll refuse to eat it until me and the rest of my family come home lol.


That’s so cute and so sad at the same time D:


Poor doggo. My cat in the opposite is so happy when bf leaves. He wants to be my only man lol


Yeah he has separation anxiety unfortunately, we got him a compression shirt for when we leave. It’s just adorable because when I’m gone he hangs out with my fiancée but when I’m home he doesn’t exist lol.


. This is bearded dragon love right here. This is Dusty, my daughters dragon. He either sleeps on me so cute or poops on me. There’s no middle ground. :joy::joy::joy: