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I think we should be able to send more than just meat and lumber. Like being able to send time speed ups and spells, because I stock pile them but really don’t use them. Also I know my team could use somr or maybe if leaders could have an option to do so. Let me know what you fellow dragon riders think. I would like to help out my team more than just providing food and lumber

You must be new, welcome to the forums. I’d advise you to use the search function since your thread isn’t exactly new. There is also a handy dandy list of all the repeated threads found here
Oh Look! That same thread again

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Aside from this being one of the few daily posts, it’s a huge channel for cheating


I disagree with that statement. Cheating? How is send potions or time speed ups cheating? That’s helping and talk about cheating spending money on this game would be more qualified as cheating do to not everyone can spend money on this game so there for it would be nice to help out team

you forget to mention about sending sigil to each other :laughing:

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No not sigils lol all though that would be nice but no

Create huge amount of alt, let them forge all the kind that you said then switch them in team, transfer and switch out. There is a post about this, go there read it for more

I disagree with your disagreement…

No seriously though

It’s not, it adds new ways to cheat for those who wish to cheat.

In the database on the back end, each time you transfer, you aren’t transferring it on the back end, but removing an item from one account and adding it to another. Hackers can use the part where it adds one to another account to basically credit themself stuff indefinitely.

It’s a huge exploit surface and hard to prevent abuse from.

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oh and what if I create an alt account, hacking ruby, forge and then send to the main one? the main wouldnt be banned because there is no proof that i do it all by myself. there would be just like a random guy pranking me

Well damn :sweat_smile: in that sense I understand thats a bummer I’m not that tech savvy lol all I wanted was to help my team thats it. Well ok then thank you fellow dragon rider

Imagine this.

Team of 49 alt accounts all level 10 forging X (boosts, healing potions, etc)
Go on each account once a day to requeue forgings

One day when you are low on items you swap teams to this rogue bronze team with 49 players, get your alts to ALL transfer you thousands of X item, then swap teams back.

This would happen, it also wouldn’t be fair to anyone regularly playing the game.

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It’s also a great cheat-laundering vector. Hack, create a million speed ups and potions. Send them to 50 people in a team. Some of those people changes teams and send them to everyone again (both paying customers and random “lucky” bystanders).

By the time anyone can investigate they can ban the hack account (which can just be a throwaway level 6), but they can never go over all the accounts who directly or indirectly got timers and used them, as it’s impossible to determine if any of them knew they were using hacked goods. You can’t ban them all, it’s almost impossible to reverse all the builds and everything it was used for without also hitting a lot of legit players.

Basicly it would spell loads of trouble for PG to allow this without first fixing their overly trusted client issues.

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