Sending RSS to teammates

Anyone else having an issue with sending RSS to teammates? When ever I try to , and a few others it just keeps going back to the screen where you load the RSS you want to send.

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Yes. I can’t send resources either. there are missions that could not be carried out

Same here, only banks work

Hmmm it works just fine for me. Try shutting game down then rebooting, if that don’t work maybe reset device! Happy flying!

Transfers are working for me

“Send X amount of lumber to teammates Y number of times” quests can be completed just by raiding lumber from someone. You dont even need anyone to join.

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Yes, I had this problem as well. Resolved now, for me anyway.

Looks to of been fixed. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response, all. This issue was resolved shortly after it was reported.

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