Sensitive bug reporting


What or who’m is the proper channel to report a bug that people would use immediately if it were to be posted here. It makes a certain spell stronger than it should be and I could probably solo a max base as a level 202 provided I don’t get hit with too many mage super shots. I have video as well if needed.


I barely understood your problem, can you be a little more specific about the bug you encounter so we can help you? (Just a regular player trying to help)

Also now bugs are just posted in General subforum, there are no subforum created for bugs and troubleshooting.


Thanks :v:️I understand all of this. This isn’t a bug I would willingly release into the wild for all to use so I can’t be more descriptive. No player can help with this bug. This is an issue with PGs code, That makes certain dragons way Over powered provided certain criteria is met.


Best bet would be create a ticket asking for it to be forwarded to PgEcho


Well in that case you should have sent a ticket to helpdesk, because a public forum is public, so everyone can read it. It’s not nice of you to pick my curiosity then backing off :grin: but if it’s a possible exploit I would indeed rather stay away from it :sweat_smile:

Edit : @Gox1201 you beat me to it :wink:


Thanks. I really don’t enjoy the customer support experience honestly. I was hoping to get the right attention without the hassle. Will open a ticket though.


Well I am sure PG is busy. If they don’t get back to me. I will tell people a good way to mitigate it :v:


@pgCampusLifer is the person who handles these kinds of bugs/ exploits.


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