Separate league for Atlas and Non-Atlas

Non-Atlas teams are clearly at a disadvantage when fighting against Atlas teams with their superior gear. At least during PvP weeks, I believe PG should keep Atlas and Non-Atlas teams in separate leagues.

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If you flip it around - Atlas is shared by teams which are many leagues apart.
That’s more of an unfair advantage.


I’m almost in the mindset that the whole game needs to be broken down into “competitive” and “non competitive”.

Of course you could Opt for non competitive, but you wouldn’t be able to reap any benefits, but the prizes would be severely capped on the top end so you don’t wind up with sandbagging players trying to rule the place. It wouldn’t have Atlas access, and would require a lot less activity to still be productive. There could also be other benefits, such as maybe more tokens per day to help keep activity and leveling up for a lower log in time, but your seasonal progress would be abysmal.

The in the competitive leagues it would be similar to what it is like now, with Atlas access, and with everything.

Teams could “Opt in” at the start of a season (or sometime) and then join the ranks that are actually trying to fight for stuff. It would be quite a bit seasonal based like current, and the prizes would be scaled quite a bit up to account for the effort required.

This way teams could choose which league to be in for the season (or time frame) and they would define the amount of effort they wanted to put in.

Of course this is just a random thought and i’ve not gone through all scenarios, but to me at least from a 20,000’ view it looks like a reasonable way to give Opt-in access to Atlas and features, while still retaining a lower pressure league, but not filling it with L500’s that do nothing and get all the seasonal prizes for it.


This topic has been brought up a number of times before. Try searching for “Atlas unfair advantage” or something along those lines and you will find lengthy conversations about it, as well as suggestions about what to do.

In the meantime, this thread will be closed since it has been discussed ad nauseam before…