Seperate Atlas from core game play

Would community/pg consider making atlas optional for teams or individual members? We are seeing many good players drop because Atlas is too much for them. I considered it for a bit myself. Either a seperate WD Atlas app or maybe let teams decide if it is for them etc?

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It already is optional. If the leadership is okay with it, you can just ignore the button and go on playing as usual.


This - you can choose to play it or not player it. If the Leader wants to opt their team out as a whole, just say “hey, we don’t care about Atlas”.

Opting out is tantamount to suicide for most teams. You would be completely disadvantaged as a team and as an individual player.

I’m guessing eventually Atlas will be the entire game…for one simple reason… consumables. Eventually they will do away with leagues and wars etc…PG gains nothing from a war. But if 2 teams war in Atlas, they both have to rebuild troops.
Welcome to the future of WD


Interesting, many other teams from lower leagues report that they lose players to teams with Atlas and have a hard time finding new recruits as a non-Atlas team.

Maybe this balances each other out?:thinking:


I can’t imagine leader’s of active teams voluntarily opting out with out a mechanism to restrict its use. I keep coming back to this idea that the game needs to evolve. This is such a big change, more like a board game or something. I guess with time people will either adjust or leave…

Just sad to see good players leave

Yes many want to get there but when they do I see a lot of shock…you are probably right about the balancing

Will be awesome tbh
Atlas it’s fun,but it’s like I’m getting extra degree
Too much learning and reading
And,you can get info only on forum
And,if you are leader,you must inform all new mates about atlas info,control team activity in Atlas,keep eye on following non-hit deals
It took TOO much time
Some ppl already quit the game,because they don’t want to play atlas and game is not fun for them anymore
I’d love to keep playing for fun,even,if it will still request a lot of time,it won’t feel,like I’m having one extra job,which I’m not getting paid for :joy_cat:

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Google War Dragons Atlas and there is information available outside of the forums. Some players have created tutorials on YouTube.

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