Sepulla and Antonius Changes - Official Discussion Thread

Hello Dragon Lords,

Thanks to your super helpful feedback and the powers and insights of the GPF, we have made some profound changes to Sepulla and Antonius that we think are for the better. These releases have been live for ~24 hours now and are working as expected! Below is a list of adjustments we made to Souldance Mythic, Sepulla, and Atlas Rider, Antonius.

Changes for Sepulla:

  • Sepulla was having difficulty surviving attacks on larger bases while also too easily destroying smaller ones. We want to push the power of this dragon to fulfill its role as a Mythic and give it a better chance against stronger bases. These changes are aimed at pulling some of the raw power out of the summon and putting it into Sepulla’s spells, reducing the power up front in exchange for long term survivability.
  • Rest In Peace summon breath attack damage reduced to 1.8% of Sepulla’s HP. Down from 2.5%.
  • Deathly Shriek freeze effect duration increased to 3.5 seconds from 2.
  • Ashes to Ashes was intended as a targeted kill spell that gave players more control over Sepulla’s destruction. We discovered that the spell was falling short of those expectations, and have swapped out the old Ashes to Ashes for a new spell (with the same name) that provides a freeze along with high damage to give players a much better sense of control.
  • Ashes to Ashes (White, 1 rage, 2.5s duration, 5 Radius)
    Freezes all towers in the target area for 2.5 seconds and damages them for 20% of dragon’s modified HP. Dragon gains 40% shield for each tower frozen.

Changes for Antonius


The changes to Sepulla look more promising! :sunglasses:


I’ve been flying Sepulla for a bit now and I love it :heart_eyes::sob: so bootyful


Question about the shield mechanic on A2A. Since Sep has 2 freezes and freezes dont stack, if Sep hits a tower with A2A that is already frozen by Shriek, would hitting that tower still produce a shield or would Sep need to wait for the first freeze to end first before freezing it again with A2A?


From what I’ve seen, it gains a shield even when towers are initially frozen.


Can someone tell us what the specs on Antonius are with all Buildings and Earth/Ice Flak maxed?

Can confirm, you still get a shield from hitting a tower already frozen by deathly shriek.


I’d still like to see if fly and see how it does against good bases and defenders, sadly all the buffs don’t matter if it can’t beat a base


Everything this season looks good design wise. play wise how do you feel, as I know you fly cal so would you fly this over him? As the grind put it they have made a bad dragon playable but not amazing


I apologize if this information is somewhere. Max level how many skill points will antonious have?

Will have 255 skill points now (this is more than previously) :slight_smile:


Sepulla is much better and is improved once the familia dies though sepulla dies it loses all ability to heal and the familia doesn’t even make it to 50% of the max bases especially with defenders all things considered buff is in right direction but the familia needs to have more health or be unkillable and it would be a solid dragon

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Decent as in better then it was, or decent as in a viable option for a mythic choice this season?

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I think it’s just better then it was but still cannot hit up from tier is what I am gathering still but waiting at least till next week before making too many statements on it. But I still know that cal is the dragon for me regardless I like hunters more more control and I believe more action and better playing mechanisms, I know at first glance before they altered in the beginning of the season it looked somewhat comparable but for me cal already had me so sorry If this was just me ranting, but Sepulla in my mind so far still isn’t living up to a season mythic that we have to play for the keys and spend a good part of two months or less to obtain, but that’s my opinion so far


I guess I need to understand the table more. With 255 skill points how does this breakdown. Is the table saying each skill takes 5 points to level? Thus each skill would take 25 points to max? I am trying to run the math on his skill tree in the game to see what his max stats might look like.

Unkillable summon is pretty dangerous as sepulla summon absorb 90% damage, sepulla wont die if that’s the case
Pg probably need to dile down the damage absorbed to 60-70% for that to be somewhat balanced however this is quite against pg initial point of wanting sepulla to actively has to protect its summon to ensure both survival

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