Sepulla - Any good?

Anyone have this dragon yet? What’s everyone think?

Shivenzo shows it off in his live stream and it did fairly well-in the highlights


With current howizler glitch it’s hard to tell
He can’t deal enough damage rn to kill howi before dying cause it’s fire like a machine gun


Gotcha, appreciate the update

I saw that too and very annoying

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Some players have been saying it is underpowered

Ashes to ashes is not really beneficial for him i wish it was death stare will help this dragon more


I’ll have to watch the test flights for shivenzo because I’m curious the durability of the passive drag

Just watched the video and it’s very underpowered! Passive dies to fast, even at 200 percent hp boost. Freeze is too short and ashes to ashes seems pointless as you pointed out @Killmegently


I think Sepulla (as every Sorcerer at it first release) need an adjustment.
There are 1 simple way to make it better without make it OP

DEATHLY SHRIEK - Active | White | 2 Rage
Freezes all towers within range for 2 seconds AND DEALS 15% OF MODIFIED HP AS DAMAGE. Towers take (150%) additional damage from all sources after being frozen. Duration 2s.



@DioMacellaio While I don’t have the dragon and some may hold that against me. I would like to go for it this season as I don’t want any new hunters. From the test flights and other YouTube demonstrations, it Definantly needs help. Perhaps a Stronger passive, passive does more damage, stronger rebuff with freeze or maybe make ashes to ashes a disabling spell instead of a two phase crumble to dust.

@Scarlett I recall you saying you would take the “L” and get it. I know it’s only week 1 but what are your thoughts?

Your idea seems to be a bit misleading most of the time cause you seem to forget sorcerer normal attack are shite and that damage from the freeze is easily counter by hammer
Giving this dragon something like death stare will help him strategically take out dangerous tower like howi before getting noticed
He already have a lot of openings due to the freeze duration is too short for a 2 rage cost without a high regain of rage spell


@Killmegently I agree, similar to nucifera, if you ever got that dragon from roughly 2 seasons ago.

Some area damage would also have help the passive drop towers better along with the debuff it provides

With current performance examples it hard to justify putting in the effort to get this drag,

Not really cause nucefera looks like wont survive ice flak cause it cant dodge or disable the ice flak like jorm

I was referring to the one shot and that the area spells for nucifera have a tower debuff but also have area damage.

Nope it dont. Against high end bases its clearly underpowered… but i also agree with others, as long tower ranges and ss are glitched its hard to tell any real things. Nucifera has not even 1% in common to that dragon but glad everyone can speak free here :nerd_face: his freeze is underpowered so is its duration, thats allready clear to say…


Everyone has valid points, but with glitchy tower SS, it can probably be predicted that sepulla will perform worse once they are functioning properly. I’m hoping that this thread will increase those wanting to get Sepulla to be aware of it’s already obvious and major disadvantages and push for modifications

We need wait for Pg to fix that mess, right now cant judge any dragon. If it helps you, since update and now where several steps. First fixed him, second made perches op one shot dragons, after it got fixed tower ranges and ss went mia.

Fingers crossed, let’s see how things play out

They fixed the glitched perches but it resulted in weird tower behavor range+ ss
Im just here now before i waste more troops to glitches that Pg anyway wont refund :man_shrugging:

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