Sepulla - Any good?

Omg just why?

They didn’t get Ronin is why

hmmm. I thought Zenko was OK… he was like a swiss army knife dragon, useful in certain situations. No I didn’t get Ronin, but I’m not comparing him to hunters.

As far as sorcerers go, he was average. Not terrible, not exceptional. Certainly no Jormungander.


Also Zenko does something cute in the den like Dreth doing barrel rolls in the den so that’s the plus for a dragon it acts like Axi I immediately fall in love with it from footage or personal view


If I was comparing dragons certainly don’t sound toxic get critical just no toxic behavior, Calavore this season for example complaining about a dragon that requires too much time instead of Sepulla is like fighting with toddlers on to give their toys back.

I know someone who likes pickles on their ice cream. That doesnt mean they’re not a monstrous heathen that has brought dishonor upon their cow


hi all,

We are well-aware of this thread (and others) – we are going to take a look at Sepulla once we get the towers fixed. There is the belief that once the towers stop poppin’ off like Gatling guns that Sepulla will be better… we’ll see if that’s true. Once we get that fixed we can take another look at Sepulla.


I asked CF to hit me before that glitch happend. He wasnt much better. You can ask Flame she wasnt able to beat my base even undefended, and this was before tower ss started to glitch. And yes it was an maxed capped Sepulla against my 3 isles full of 107s. Not even 50% undefended. Whole Gpf and CF that got the dragons lent agreed same: he needs sadly buffs. @PGGalileo


Sepulla can not beat a base with one Long Island and the howitzer at the front or middle row of the back half. The howitzer shot fires instantly and I believe that is glitched. Sepulla has no way to block this, or destroy the tower before it can shoot. If the base is stronger than you are she can not tank the shot. I can beat that base setup, when it’s 40 levels under me. But Sepulla can’t beat it if it’s higher level. I can usually destroy a level 90 howitzer no problem but Sepulla can’t.
Sepulla needs a buff and howitzer needs fixed.

-Ashes to ashes needs to be more like faf’nyrs
(I think it’s golden hex)

This will allow you to target and destroy problem towers such as the howitzer towers before they can kill you. Either that or make it a 2 phase with a small cooldown between phases then a regular cooldown upon casting the second phase

-Rest In Peace summoned dragons needs to be immortal

This summoned dragon has way too little health and takes way too much damage to not be immortal like the summoned dragons in the past.

-Marigold mark needs to either have reduced cool down or increase the amount of rage it regenerates.

The marigold mark spell is nice being it’s free, but 4 seconds for 1 rage is a bit much especially if you are having to use a 2 rage spell fairly often.

These changes I believe would make Sepulla a more viable dragon in actual battles, since as it stands right now I cannot beat bases higher level than me.



Thanks for providing your opinion on ways to make Sepulla better however I wanted to argue a small point that you made about the passive being immortal. This passive reduces incoming damage by 90 percent, restores health and increases rage regen. Making this passive immortal would make it incredibly hard to kill since you couldn’t get past the passive dragon and it is meant to deal all the damage for sepulla as her spells stun and help keep the passive alive longer Now if they made the passive like that of Mordreds or slightly better, to where it reduces damage by 60 percent or so and then tweak the other spells as some have previously mentioned in this thread then it would be much more viable as you stated.

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This is appreciated, but hopefully the devs understand that drags are only viable for a limited time, and the longer it takes to bring in a fix, the less a fix is going to matter, and the more irate the community is going to be for yet another too little, too late. I am frankly still pissed that the Faf no gild damage glitch was never fixed.


This is what im trying to tell, Sepulla counts as one of the worst Mythic sorcerers ever after Zenko. Fixing tower glitches wont change that. His spell set lacks damage, and a lot. Several suggested ways make him viable. Changes Ashes spell into a full Death Gaze. Either make his freeze duration to 4s or reduce the rage coast to 1 instead 2 bars. And maybee change the passive Hp to 250%.


@PGGalileo any update on Sepulla? I recall you saying it would be looked at after the tower glitch was fixed but haven’t heard anything else since.

Well… Do you see the tower glitch being fixed?


Well, here are the current thoughts on Sepulla :neutral_face:

So looks like we will just have to wait patiently on updates. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:



Lightenings and howitzers haven’t been bad today for me so that’s why I asked, I haven’t heard anything recently about the towers so wanted to make I sure I didn’t miss anything

Maybe you just got used to the range issues - Galileo said that they were still trying to figure out what the issue is, so no, it hasn’t been fixed yet


@FieryxFury I do a lot of chest hunting so that Very well may be true lol thanks for the update

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We would all love an update!???

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This was just recently added to the “Live Issues” category. At least that’s something positive. :slightly_smiling_face: