Sepulla spells are good but need sone serious tweaking…

First* His passive summon warrior

Why isn’t his summon warrior like the previous legendary divine sorcerers passive?

They don’t die!!! And their not even Mythic’s!!!

Why does his summon have to die?

Especially, when his summon warrior dies he can’t heal!!!

Make it permanent and reduce the summon warrior damage intake from 90% to 35%-40%, so it won’t make him Op.

Second* Ashes To Ashes

Decrease his cooldown!!!

It’s to long!!!

Make it from 6 seconds to like 2 seconds just like Faf’Nyr crumble to dust spell. I know he has runes to decrease the cooldown but it’s not enough, make his cooldown 4 seconds and with runes it makes it 2.25 seconds

Third* Deathly Shriek

I love the idea but it’s not enough…

Make it where once towers get hit with Deathly Shriek, they deal reduce damage by 30% or 40%, it’ll greatly increase his survivability so much!!! You have no idea.

His freeze could be longer, especially when it cost two rage, and lockjaw has iron wall that freezes towers for 4 seconds for two rage(!!!)

But if you make it we’re once hit by DA they take additional 75% of damage and towers deal reduce damage by 30%~40% then that’ll make up for the not having the extra 2 seconds on his freeze.

Fourth* Marigold Mark

Can you make it we’re it restores 10%~15% of Sepulla modified Hp, once he destroys a market tower?

That’ll greatly increase his survivability!!!


Test it all out Pg, what I said above and that’ll make him a actual mythic, he won’t be broken or Op.

Of course I rather have death stare on him then Ashes To Ashes but you(pg) already made runes for him, so that won’t really happen unfortunately.

  • Yes, he needs a buff
  • No, he’s fine

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You are better with words then me as english aint my main well done :beers:

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Allways funny seeing the hunter flyers vote no cause its not an hunter :thinking:


There’s already multiple threads on this. You’re clouding the message.


Change his mark thing into an resist, really with all the swipe etc thats not an usefull spell imo. Marks belong to hunters and invokers not to sorcerers. Make it like Falafel gain rage and Hp on towers destroyed, increase freeze duration, lower CDs for spells. That would be an start.

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Everyone asking for buffs on day 4 of the season. I wonder how many people have this dragon, and how many of those people have done any actual attacks with this dragon.


Well i normally dont judge that early but that sorcerer is upper garbage he wasnt able to kill more then 1 tower on my base. Even with weeks of practise he wont make more then 2.


Their his already footage of Sepulla and he dies most of the time…

Without defenders.

Thank you @Imperivm92 for the footage :hugs:


Yep he cant even do 40b undefended lol.




Normally i ask @Freddezza to hit me but she cant anymore as shes my teammate :innocent:


There’a already an open thread, please continue the discussion here.