Serious PG? What a fu... performance

I´m to embarrassed to use nice words.
Atlas has so terrible performance, there are no words to describe!
At the moment we are trying to take over a castle at -694/357
In 20 minutes it was one time possible to fly my Prim to the castle, so it was same for several teammates.
Is this the understanding from PG to have fun in a game? This is bullshit and the only reaction from your side is bla bla bla.
And yes this is a rage post and I know that nothing will happen from PG side, so another post for the bin



Hold up, let me check if they are ally
Too lazy to do that, lag sucks sometimes

rage post or not in. 5 years pg hasn’t show much listening ability no matter how the complaint is formulated specially when it comes to atlas lag or anything else that needs to be fixed. it’s always a lame answer followed by silence for months and then they say it’s fixed but it never actually is


This is a duplicate post, can we move this to Thraiix’s post?