Server down 2:47pm US ET?

Was going some runs when all of I suggest got messages saying I couldn’t attack, then messages about not having a connection. Force closed, restarted and now I’m getting server error messages.

Anyone else experiencing an outage?


Why do I always have full RSS when servers go down :thinking::thinking:


Same here in KR, on both wifi and 3 cellular and with 8 accounts

yep, on & off wifi on both accounts.

edit: Oregon, US

Same here in europe

Down here

Yep. Was training troops too… omg

Yes, try to get in the game it is saying cannot connect. 2:45 PM ET

Down in U.K. also

Just ordered food from bank

It’s really a shame it didn’t go down at 13:37 as the result of some daring attack by a 40-year-old hacker and his fresh 90s-era references.

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I’m in the US and it’s happening to me too :expressionless: :t_rex:

At least we have the forum. Love ya’ll :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Yep. Down here in CA.

the lumber I sent must have gone to the void :joy::joy::joy:

Same in Dubai… this is becoming more regular than it should

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took me a sec, lol

@PGJared @Arelyna @PGDave

I was grinding that shiny stuff, hopefully our fellow forum members won’t get back on before we do.


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Yup, down on the east coast, US, too.

Edit: never mind, it’s back up now.

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