Server is down?

Please explain. Ughhhhhhh

:disappointed_relieved: Once again

Same question here.

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Getting same message as @Sovereigntyx79

PG didn’t pay upkeep :joy:


Interns got stuck in the tubes again.


It sucks when this happens and you are sitting on 1.35M wood :weary::weary:

I am sitting at 10k troops on sieger on enemy castle. F my life

One mess after another.

Coords? I’ll come save you :eyes:

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lmao :rofl:

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That trick wont work on me.


We need you!!!





Work your magic

I want refund on my troops if this wont go well! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Let’s see, I can get into game and updat buildings…but can’t attack, got 0 event points, all sirgils are gone…
Nice fk up guys, wonder how they managed this

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Lets cuddle instead.

Restart and check all.

It’s back up for me.

Now to wait another 10 mins for my remaining 360k to come in :expressionless: