Server issue when attacking castles?


Hi there! I have recently been getting this error message when trying to attack on team owned castles in atlas. I don’t have any problem attacking in NML what so ever but I can not attack any team castle at all. Has anyone had this experience?
Didn’t start to happen until the last update, reset my modem many times along with app, and even reinstalling the game.


Could it be that you attacked a shielded castle during PvP? :eyes:


Is that a thing? I’m still learning atlas kinda and PG couldn’t explain it to me, they kept saying check your connection


Well yes, during PvP events in core game, all castles in Atlas are being protected by the shields automatically (they can be manually turned off for each of the castle though, if needed) because there’s enough fight in the main game and it would be hard to keep up with battles in atlas too during that time :slightly_smiling_face:
So you can attack prims on castles only during minor events and on Tuesdays while no event is in effect. You can see if there is a shield triggered - it looks like a sprinkling purple-ish cloud around the castle.


Honestly… let’s just add that to the list of stuff that’s already screwed up. Add that to the “Everything Wrong With Atlas” list.


Thank you that explains what is going on for sure, because the castles I was trying to hit def had that purple bubble thing now that I think about it. Didn’t know that was a factor as this is the first season I have really tried to get glory haha.
But yes there is plenty other things wrong with atlas as well, but one day PG will fix these things, right? :joy:

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