Server Lag is killing the game

@PGGalileo, why can’t PG do something about the server lag that is impacting all aspects of the game. There are loads of complaints about the server lag in Atlas that is making that part of the game near impossible to play like it should be. Now it is even hitting the base game.

I play two different accounts on two different devices on the same team. So when I invite my teammates to join in an attack, I should see the invite very quickly on the other device. Here is my experience for three consecutive attacks on the same base during the event this weekend.

Attack 1 - Attacking device sends invite to join. The invite is never received by the other account, so the attack has to be run solo.

Attack 2 - Immediately after the first attack, I attack the same base again. After sending out the invite, an invitation to join immediately pops up on the second account (like it is supposed to).

Attack 3 - The attack is started immediately after closing out Attack 2, invite is sent. This time the invite pops up on the second account about 5 seconds after the attack starts and it appears for less than a second before scrolling off of the screen. I couldn’t even move my hand over to the second device fast enough to join the attack.

I have submitted tickets for this in the past and Customer Support always tries to deflect the blame to the speed of my devices, my wifi router, my ISP, etc. But those excuses do not explain why invites are suddenly received and then later appear and disappear too quickly to act upon.

As others have said, the system is broken and needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. The only reason that I haven’t quit is because I am ohh so near to getting my first mythical dragon. Once I get it, that could very well be the end as I have no reason to continue with the continual aggravation that PG is injecting into my life.

I can’t even attack anymore

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