Server revamping

I have brought this topic up before but the current breeding event shows me just how bad it really is. The server delay at the start of events is something that used to be rare and was apologized for and compensation given when it happened. Now, it is a fonts at that isn’t being addressed and it needs to. I currently can’t even accept the prizes I have earned and if I try I freeze up the game, get booted, restart, get told I can’t connect to the servers, get booted again, and finally am able to get in only to see none of my prizes have been claimed. It’s extremely frustrating and is something that has been going on for multiple seasons now that is not being addressed and I, as I’m sure many others do as well, believe that something should be done to address this if nothing more than quality of life updates. Please take this as a pointing out of an issue and not an attack on the company, this is something that I am sure would boost morale among the player base. Just a thought.

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You don’t need to claim prizes right away though. Just let the servers burn themselves out and collect in a couple hours. Same with fort. =)

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But see that still ignores the problem. There is an obvious server flaw that needs fixing. Having to just “wait” should not be the solution, if it ever is then that means either you’ve given up trying to make your game better or you don’t care enough about your players experience to try and make it better.

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I’m not saying they shouldn’t fix it. They should, and I’m 99.999999999% sure that they know this. Just a question of where it lands on their to do list. What I am saying is that until it is fixed, just wait an hour or so and then you won’t have stress while claiming. :hugs:

I suspect that it’s slow because they have to push the new code to multiple servers. This takes a little time. So initially, only a few servers are handling the load, which makes it slow. But as more come online, it gets better.

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