“Server Updating”



Wow, what a nightmare.


I have a ticket open with engineers to investigate what is going on here. If you know anyone else experiencing this, please have them submit a ticket as well.


I am still having the same problem, going on for 48 hours now. I have asked support to have my ticket elevated to you Arelyna. I am not sure if that has happened though.


I can add that this is where I am at the Pathox branch - the last stone.
I have the sigils to claim it, but the game will not let me. I really hope I will be
able to claim it retroactively (today being the last day to claim it),
since this bug is preventing me from doing so.


You have the screenshots, I would think they will make you whole.


I have had this bug in 96 hours now. I still cannot claim anything. My accout is basically rolled back to the state it was in 96 hours ago, every time i log on. Would appreciate if someone could look at this. I will probably not be able to use event gadgets (energy packs, inner fire) or even score points as long as this keeps up.


did you use the link at the top to submit a ticket if you can’t from within the game?