Servers down? 🦖

This keeps popping up, can’t do anything. Atlas icon is gone as well… :t_rex:

Edit: Oop.


Happening in our team also

I have the same crap.

I am getting the same thing. It killed me in the middle of a battle ugh!

Second time this week :man_facepalming:

Not just you.

I did create a ticket and explained others on my team are having the same issue so it is on your side, that my internet is fine.

I expect CS to reply about issues with my internet and want to trouble shoot this. LOL They really do not have a clue.

Same here. In the middle of war runs.

Same thing here

I don’t even bother with tickets about connection issues… it’s almost always on PG’s side, and if my internet’s the cause, I can fix it alright. :t_rex:

Maybe the messed up the server trying to fix the dragons ha ha ha…

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Severs are back up but no dragons

Me to this is so bad

just like to get new examples of how poorly trained and knowledgeable PG CS is. They hired a firm with a bunch of idiots.

My game is up now

Same for our team


Up for me for now but I’m afraid to do anything :rofl: :t_rex:


Not really. It did not come down to begin with. It still has connection issues.

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