Service Provider Issue Timeline

Hey folks,

Considering the issues we have been having with attacks and joins the past couple of days, we felt it would be appropriate to have a more comprehensive explanation and timeline of the issue.

(NOTE: All times are in PST as that’s what our office time is)

6/25/18 ~12:30pm – PX team becomes aware of the issue and alerts the rest of the Dragons team. The team begins investigating. We determine that there is around a 10% fail rate for attack joins.

6/25/18 ~ 3:00pm – We determine that this issue appears to be from one of our service providers.

6/25/18 ~ 5:00pm – We receive confirmation of the issue from our service provider.

6/25/18 ~ 5:22pm – First forum update from PG confirming the issue.

6/25/18 ~ 9:00pm – In-game message goes out to players explaining that we are going to negate war-loss ranking changes due to the issue.

6/26/18 ~ 11:00am – Our service provider notifies us they have found the source of the issue and that they have implemented a fix.

6/26/18 ~ 2:00pm – Due to continued reports of the issue we reach out to players via the forum to do more investigation. LC, Defends, and Joins Down?

6/27/18 ~ 1:51pm – We notify users in the forums that these issues have been resolved and asked them to confirm if issues persist.

6/27/18 ~ 3:30pm – This forum post.

6/29/18 – Just to recap, after this week’s issues with battles, wars and league chat, we will be nullifying war losses this entire week, starting on June 25th and ending July 2nd. This means that we will adjust all wars and zero out the rating increase so that all wars will have no effect on next week’s placements. As of right now, it may seem like your ranking is falling, but we will rectify that right as placements happen. The only thing that will determine your team’s ranking for next week’s league update is your team’s performance in this event.

As for the apology gift, we will be sending this out to everyone on Monday. We will be conducting some additional testing since we’ll be compensating everyone items as a gifted chest and 2 free days of elite account. We apologize again for the inconvenience this has caused, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

We will continue to update this thread as more information becomes available.


Service provider? Pls explain

Someone forgot to pay the Comcast bill and they pulled the plug


They prob had a routing error or something idk let’s wait for Jared to explain later


Companies that host servers, applications, or something else that PG isn’t 100% in control of, pretty much.


Thank you for this.

Pretty much, yes.


Did you guys switch providers? Because it seems that there have been a lot more server related problems recently. Between the constant re-syncing, the more lags, then this. . .

@PGJared we are still having the same banner and invite issues, plus others, just within the last hour. Reported on the other thread.

We are still seeing it across multiple players in our team as well

10 percentage is a very conservative estimate imo


Ok all wars were cancelled due issues then I wake up this morning minus egg tokens will this be corrected also?

I’d say it’s flat out wrong. 40% would be conservative. Not that it matters, I’m just tired, haven’t had coffee yet and need to argue about something.

It seems the issue affected selective people / regions. So some people might have had a near-100% fail rate, while others (like myself) had zero issues joining attacks or defenses, except joining the runs of a few teammates that did have trouble.

So I think 10% might be an accurate average overall, but those 10% of the runs where likely the same people (almost) every time, meaning that for those people the fail rate would’ve been more like 90%.

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