Set priorities for AI supershots

Defended bases are much tougher than undefended. Well defended bases by teammates that know your base is the best.

This suggestion is to allow me as the base owner to set the supershot priority on my base. 1-x depending on my research. I want to set things to go off in a certain order when my base is undefended

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And why would anybody defend other players bases when the AI does this as good as the player ?

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What AI?

Artificial Intelligence :partying_face:

:roll_eyes: AI can’t boost the base or spam hammers


He wants so he dont get raided

That would be the next option / ability the AI could have :joy:

The AI is intentionally nerfed. Defended by teammates should be better.

It may be worth reducing how dumb the AI is, but letting the base owner set as priorities would be too powerful

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