Settings Memory during Updates

Thank you PG for finally fixing this issue!

It used to be true that for every single update they released that it would reset your game perfomance and notification setting to “standard” for your devices preferences.

For the very first time ever, after the update i have not had to spend 3 resets of the game changing my settings around back to how i like to play


Wow, it always reset for you? I can’t recall it ever resetting for me… though maybe I’m not as observant. Or maybe it’s an iOS/Android issue since I know you aren’t a fan of Apple :laughing:

Edit: I’m glad they got this fixed for you :slight_smile: You shouldn’t have to undergo the frustration of having to readjust your settings every time.

May I ask what you use for your Pixel?

Big thing to note is that i have to use Medium or higher settings to get the base of the flaks to appear so i can double sand, on low i’m not able to double sand any of the flak/mage combos on the front of the long islands. :eyes:

Not sure if thats a me problem or an actual difference in the hit boxes with lower graphics

Much obliged Sir!

(edit - My graphics were high, just had the destruction animation on, will try without)


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As long as the stupid trees are turned off, I’m happy :hugs:


This is real. There’s definitely a difference in hit boxes, bc flaks go from doubling them blind folded to having the hit box of a storm tower.
Ensuring you need to have your settings high enough I guess :man_shrugging:t3:

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