Sever issues (again)

Is anyone else getting the message “we are currently updating our servers” when you try and log in? Its been giving me that message for over an hour now. I cant even get in to submit a ticket.
@PGJared @Arelyna

Then go around, and submit here

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I will check into it.

@IIIRogueIII, are you still having issues logging in? I can get in fine.

No i uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times and it started working

Not sure if it is related to it…but some of the attacks in Atlas do not register and when I attack NoMercyHrv and AYisGOD no banners are produced. These two so far are the only two I have seen this issue with.

Edit: Apparently Scoop and D87 also have this issue.

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From the look of it… is it a glitch for maxed bases… :eyes:

That is one thing I thought of…but I have seen max bases that also do not have this issue either.

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