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ShaHappens has a couple of openings (super rare) to join our awesome team. Our team consists of many players from Diamond/Sapphire leagues who have alts on ShaHappens. Both of my mains are currently on Rulith and my MiniSha is leading ShaHappens, one of my mains will return to ShaHappens shortly.

We have a very experienced roster full of AMAZING fliers. We win nearly every war because we are super freaking organized, but we are also very laid back. Our team was formed back in Nov, and since then we have had wars over 200 times and won over 190 of them! Come join us if you like to war, and kick ass!

Our only requirements are that you show up for every war and get 5 flames! I prefer that you are level 150+ and in sapphire tier dragons but will consider any serious applicant that is a decent flier. Feel free to shoot me a message here, or on the Line app if you have it (search for “Sha or TheRealSha” I can’t remember which haha), or in game on either of my 2 mains “Sha” or “NinjaSha”

  • Sha

im not welcomed lol

LOL why not?

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Ebony Hates me haha, she says im not worthy :frowning:

@Ebony Is this true? If so I trust your opinion lol

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Well if thats true youre screwed😂


lol its not haha

This is a fantastic team for a player truly looking for activity, organization, and positive fun. So many experienced players here and it’s just a fun environment. I wish I could recommend this team more!!


This is a really fun team to be a part of with my mini account.

Officers are very active, organized and have great communication with the team which really helps!


they are i have a group chat with a few they are awesome :smile: if i didnt have a team they would be a go to!!!

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You mean like 2 days ago? :expressionless:

:eyes: Still Recruiting, we have a few slots left!

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