Shard payouts for beasts messed up

The shard payouts from beasts are completely messed up as well. I’m getting about 1/5 what I should be getting. Atlas Elite is active with 5x payout and we have a 345% boost, but I’m getting stuff like 99 shards hitting a beast. Worst I got yesterday, even from something like a lvl 10 beast was 546 shards. I’ve never had a shard payout this low with Atlas Elite, ever.

Did you recently change teams?

Did you quit your team and rejoin to try and get chat working? When you join a team there is a 24 hour period until team benefits take effect


Yep 24 hour castle bonuses suspension

Are you comparing the correct multipliers ?

The first beast you hit each day has a 9x bonus associated with it. The second has an 8x. Then 7x and 6x before dropping off to just standard 1x multipliers.

It’s much like gold and XP

Yeah, forgot about that. I dropped and rejoined to fix part of the stupid chats and forgot that I’d get screwed on the shard payouts for trying to fix the problem.

I had the same problem. Had to quit and rejoin just to see banners again. And the atlas bonus from elite has yet to kick in.

Support told me that it can take 24 to 48 hours for the bonus to restart.