Shards at ally castles

Just a simple quick question,
I need green shards for my earth gear but sadly enough, the team doesn’t have green shard castles. Is it possible to farm shards at alliance castles? (Those where the prims are yellow)

they use to have this but not no more which i do not know why lol but there is no way to get green shards really if you dont have the castle or use diamonds

Claim earth shards for your Atlas seasonal prizes. That’s the real way to get any element in sufficient quantity.


Havnt tried it in a long ol time but you can get them from NML castles. Albeit a small amount due to no castle boosts

Not nml, just neutral, but good point. NML only gives dark.

OP, you can hit beasts in Earth neutral zones. But they’re low level and you won’t have a refinery benefit. Attacking or defending more and claiming seasonal rewards and to a small extent doing well in Atlas events is the way.


TY for the correction. I hate giving wrong advice and it was so bloody long ago since I wasn’t spoilt for choice lol